Cove Harbor Marina and Drystack Repoens

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Cove Harbor Marina & Drystack During August of 2017, the city of Rockport took a direct hit during the path of Hurricane Harvey leaving nothing but destruction in it’s wake. Now 364 days later, Cove Harbor Marina and Drystack re-opens and intends on being fully operational within the next two months.

Rolando Rodriguez of KRIS 6 news got to speak with owner Haythem Dawlett before the ribbon cutting to learn how Cove Harbor Marina & Drystack’s recovery process has been. “It was week by week, day by day. There were periods of time where we didn’t think this ever was going to happen.” Haythem said. “The support of the Aransas Nav District and the City of Rockport really helped us to march on.” Haythem continued.

Cove Harbor Marina and Drystack will now be able to house 488 boats. Rockport can also look forward to the development of a new event’s center and the possibility of an airstream hotel in the future.

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